'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)


Academic results in NPS International School are consistently high, with our students achieving well above national averages for equivalent examinations. Year on year, students from our school achieve top honors – Internationally, Nationally and Regionally.


The NPS quality assurance programme ensures that the highest possible standards of education are maintained. A self-evaluation programme ensures that teaching standards are high. The School is also supported through:

  • Professional development programmes for teachers
  • Professional development programmes for teachers
  • External reviews through quality organizations


NPS is committed to continuous development and innovation, driven by a constant dialogue, both formal and informal, with parents aimed primarily at enhancing the standards of learning and teaching.


NPS International School provides comfortable facilities for student life and learning. The campus houses spacious well-appointed classrooms, computer laboratory, language laboratory, in-door play and air-conditioned activity areas. There are three well-equipped science laboratories, an art studio, a music room and a spacious air-conditioned duplex library. Small Size Classrooms Research shows that children do better and excel in smaller groups. Therefore, we limit our classroom strength to 35 and keep the workspace for each student at 1.5 square meters, large enough to carry out multiple interactions for learning.


Classrooms are furnished with ergonomic furniture that can be rearranged to facilitate group learning. Collaborative learning provides students with more than just the opportunity to reinforce their own knowledge and skills, through working with others, as they support and in turn are supported by their partners or teammates. Group learning also encourages the development of NPS Leadership Qualities of teamwork, cooperation, communication, conflict-management, trust, and other important social skills that enhance the classroom environment making it more positive and vibrant.


The school encourages student’s all-round development through a variety of extra-curricular activities that include film, dance, drama, music, robotics and adventure sports.


Parents and students receive priority attention in an open and friendly environment that promotes effective and regular communication between School, parents, and students. Dedicated personnel are available to provide information and assistance to parents and to make each interaction with the School a pleasant and effective experience.


NPS International School is committed to the communities they serve through the long-term provision of high-quality education, continued enhancement of facilities, infrastructure, and teaching methodology. Students in our School are also taught the values and responsibilities needed to become active members of the local and global community.


”Hopes and Dreams” is a collaborative program designed to address the individual academic and social needs of each student. Information is gathered through student and parent surveys and conferences. On “Hopes and Dreams” day, parents have an opportunity to share information with teachers about their children and participate in goal-setting for the year.


Students receive individual attention, helping them to realize their potential. This is done through a variety of activities that include individual assessment and the establishment of personal targets, the use of learning support assistants and when appropriate, differentiated work. NPS International School also has defined educational parameters and requires that the students achieve them successfully within the limits of the program.

of the program.



NPS is at the forefront of educational practice in the way it uses the information from a diagnostic individual and group tests, and teacher criterion-referenced tests, to set goals for each student and to track their progress. This strategy provides a powerful motivation for students and helps them learn the importance of working towards specific goals. Parents and teachers, too, are provided with a realistic basis for assessing the progress and achievement of each student at the “Hopes and Dreams” conferences each year.


We recognize the importance of parents in the education process of students. A strong and transparent one-to-one relationship is encouraged at NPS International School. Parents receive priority attention in an open and friendly environment that keeps the communication channel open between the school, parents, and students. A variety of avenues are provided for close interaction and partnership with parents through various forums and mediums:

  • Induction Days for new students and parents
  • Face to face interaction between parents and teachers helps in the overall development of the Student. Special care is taken to discuss the academic progress, moral growth, and discipline of the students. Adequate guidance is provided to the students for career building during these interactions.
  • Open House Days to discuss areas of mutual concern and interest.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings- PTMs- where the academic profile and general demeanour of each student are discussed in detail.
  • Parent involvement in School activities, exhibition, and School educational Field trips
  • Regular communication through student’s almanac, newsletters, SMS & telephone call.
  • Voluntary Parent participation in conducting seminars, workshops & various events.
  • Email updates from teaching staff to parents.
  • SMS messaging to inform /remind of important events.

Regular Newsletters and the yearly School Magazine keep the school community updated on the latest happenings and future events. Our website- www.npsis.in carries regular updates of all events and all circulars to parents. Teachers contact parents via phone calls regularly and the school takes pride in its positive phone calls, to communicate even small successes of our children