'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

Students speak

My name is Jina Jamoh. I have scored 95.6% marks in the CBSE Class XII (Science), 2017 examination. First of all, I would like to thank my teachers and my friends for their guidance and support throughout this two years that I spent in NPS International School. I would also like to thank our Director Sir for taking immense care of our academics. Living in NPS has been a wonderful experience and I will cherish this two years throughout my life. I would also like to thank the Hostel Wardens and staff members for guiding me well. Lastly, I wish NPS immense success in future.

My name is Swastika Buragohain. I have scored 95.6% marks in the CBSE Class XII (Science), 2017 examination. NPS International School, thank you so much for all that you have given me. My results would not have been possible without the combined efforts of Director sir, Principal ma’am, and all our teachers. I would like to humbly thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff for giving me what I have today and making me the person I am. The school has granted all of my requests.

Thanking you.

My name is Kaustav Kashyap Das. As a student of NPS International School, I secured 2nd rank in CEE (Assam), 2016. I also secured AIR 2281 (Gen) in JEE Advanced; AIR 2109 (Gen) in JEE Mains; 375 marks in BITSAT and secured 95% marks in the CBSE Class XII (Science), 2016. Right now, I am studying BS Physics at IIT Kanpur. The couple of years I spent at NPS International School shall always remain as a cherished memory. I would like to thank Founder and Chairman Sir, Director Sir, Principal Ma’am for their constant support and inspiration. Also, I am highly grateful to the Resonance faculties for their immense help and support, without whom realizing my dream would have never been possible. And thanks to all the coaching teachers in Class XI, the non-coaching teachers and also the non-teaching staff members for their invaluable guidance. For the juniors, I would like to share with all that if you enjoy and relish the work you do and keep a burning desire in your heart towards achieving your goals, I assure you, nothing can stand between you and your dreams.

My name is Chandan Kumar Singh. As a student of NPS International School, I scored 95.2% in CBSE XII (Humanities) Examination 2016. During the six years, since Class VII, I have learned a lot and gained knowledge through various sources and exposures offered by the school under the leadership of its Founder and Chairman Mr. Jitendra Nath Das sir. A special mention must be made about the role of our honorable Principal ma’am, Mrs. Probhati Biswas, in shaping our career. Her encouraging words during the time of examination were really praiseworthy. After coming out of the school following my completion of Class XII examinations in the year 2016, today I can realize that the teachers and the non-teaching staff of NPS International School were very much supportive, really helpful and hardworking to make each and every student of the school comfortable within the school campus. I am really thankful to my peers and juniors for being supportive throughout my association with the school. I was overwhelmed, following the announcement of my Class XII Examination results, as my result has fulfilled my dream. It was really a great feeling when the thing for which I dreamt came true. During my days at NPS International School, Guwahati as a Boarding Student, we were totally self-dependent on our tasks. I always kept friendly relations with everyone, because it enhances one’s self-esteem and makes one feel strong psychologically. When I was selected as the Student of the Year of NPS International School, Guwahati, for the year 2016, it was a great encouragement for my own beliefs. It was really a great pleasure in receiving the award in front of a large gathering consisting of intellectuals, dignitaries, parents, students and other guests. Today, I am doing my Graduation at Visva-Bharati University in the Department of Social Work. I wish Good Luck to all my friends in NPS International School, Guwahati and urge them to work hard and achieve their Burning Desires in life.

I Akhyay Deuri, joined NPS International School’s Classroom integrated program in Class XII. In the class, the concept was presented in the most conceptual manner. I got to practice all types of problems within the class itself, and supplements were given in the room of sheets. Equal weight-age was given to all the types of topics and there was no restriction to ask doubts and the teachers addressed to all of them. Stress was also laid on the preparation of board exams. I also got to prepare very well for the board exams. The syllabus was completed well in time and there was enough time left to revise the whole syllabus. I owe my success to NPS Classroom integrated program, my parents and my teachers

My Name is Banchan Kiro A. Sangma. I joined NPS International School in class XI in the year 2011 and was placed in the school integrated program for IIT JEE 2013.I owe my success in IIT JEE 2013 (AIR -384) to my parents, my teachers, the Director of this school and to the school integrated program. In class XII the school made a special batch to give us more vigorous training. We have received all the attention from our teachers. We were given lots of materials to study and questions to practice. We discussed each and every doubt in class. After the JEE- MAINS, we stayed with our teachers in the teacher’s Quarter, where we were able to get in touch with the teachers anytime. I thank this school for taking care of me for three years and guiding me up to this rank in IIT JEE.

Assam category State Rank 1 and AIR 99 in NEET UG, Nothing could have been better than this, my dream of becoming a doctor has been achieved. Credit for this goes to my disciplined boarding life of 6 years and excellent guidance by teachers in school integrated program at NPS International School and my dear parents. SIP saved my time and helped me to balance the preparation for class XII and NEET. Coaching experts helped me clear my doubts on day to day basis in evening prep and guided me to give my best performance.

I express my deep sense of gratitude towards my school for telling me, Explore your talent in the competitive outer world. This is only because of NPS that I could see my name among the toppers of NSO and allowing me to prepare well for my board and IIT-JEE. I will always remember and respect this school forever.