'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

School Integrated Program



  1. Leadership: Experienced, Competent, Qualified (IITian) Academicians.
  2. Core Team: Group of Academicians (Mostly IITians) & able Administrators
  3. Defined Processes and Structures Roles & Responsibilities.
  4. Planned Academic Management & Curriculum Execution
  5. Student-centric & Performance-oriented Approach


  1. One of the largest pools of full- time faculty members in the coaching sector (300+)
  2. More than 25% Faculty Members are IITian (qualified IIT-JEE) in IIT-JEE Division
  3. Most of the Faculty Team leaders/ members are B. Tech from IIT’s & MBBS, MD, BDS, MPhil & M. Pharma in AIPMT/AIIMS Division.
  4. Superior Faculty Stability Factor (less % turnover) compared to the coaching education sector.
  5. Qualified, Competent, Experienced, Caring & Accountable Support Staff (non academics)


  1. Tried, Tested & Trusted Teaching Methodology of Kota System is followed
  2. Application-based Conceptual & Effective Classroom Teaching (For CCPs)
  3. Fundamental learning-based & well-researched Study Material with Comprehensive Syllabus coverage
  4. Personalized Doubt Removal Classes to enhance ‘individual’ learning
  5. Innovative & Examination Pattern-based Periodic Testing & Assessment System


  1. Disciplined Execution of Course Planning & Syllabus
  2. Interactive Approach to promote & solve/clear the doubts/concepts
  3. Continuous Performance Evaluation & Remedial measures to improve performance
  4. Continuous Competitive Benchmarking at National – level
  5. Supportive co-academic environment makes the learning conducive


  1. Micro-Macro Level Performance Analysis & Communication.
  2. Students Satisfaction Surveys (SSS) about Academic & Non- academics.
  3. Parents- Teachers Meeting (PTM)
  4. Grievance Redressal, Assessment & Management System (GRAMS).
  5. Counselling (Career, Exams & Health) & Motivation Programmes (CMPs)


  1. 12 Study Centres & 5 School Tie-Ups across the country for Classroom contact Programmes (CCPs).
  2. 04 Information Centres & approx. 40 Test Centres in Major Cities for Distance Learning programmes & All India Test Series
  3. Nation-wide reach through Distance Learning Programmes (DLPs)
  4. Global reach through e-learning Programmes (eLPs)


To facilitate the students in preparation for competitive exams, Resonance offers integrated in-school classroom contact programmes. These programs are offered to students in the school premises during school hours. The core objectives of the courses are: to expand the reach of the expertise of Resonance in IIT-JEE/ AIPMT/ KVPY/ OLYMPIADS/ NTSE/ IJSO training to the students staying in various parts of the country and abroad. To benefit the students by providing them adequate exposure specialised coaching for these exams. It helps in saving money, time and efforts of the students/ Parents occuring due to migration to other cities from their respective towns/ cities.


  1. The school student shall have the benefit of coaching/ training by India’s premiere Education Training Centre ’Resonance’.
  2. Exposure of Students to the vast & competitive pool of Resonance students.
  3. Notable Improvement in the performance of the students in the school/ Board as well as in Competitive Examinations.
  4. Regular assessment according to their aptitude.


  1. Benefit of quality education in the same school where the student is studying
  2. No other coaching is required hence saving in terms of both time and energy.
  3. To save the students and their parents from botheration and inconvenience of communication.(Student can utilize the saved time in more meaningful and produvtive manner.)


  1. Academic Team(Faculity)
  2. Regular Classes
  3. Daily Practice Problems(DPPs)
  4. Practice Sheets
  5. Doubt Discussion Classes
  6. Periodic Assessment Tests(PATS)
  7. Academic Research & Development(R & D)
  8. Academic Administration and Management
  9. Academic Performance Analysis
  10. Co-academic Arrangement

Experience the SUPPORT of Resonance Faculty, Make Yopur IIT/ PMT Dream a Reality

The faculty team of resonance is an unmatched intellectual pool of mentors who have outstanding combination of proven record, experience and qualification. The undirectional efforts by members of faculty team create an environment for holistic development of students through intellectually stimulating and result oriented education.

The teaching approach by Resonance faculkty team takes its inputs from the belief that the role of a teacher is not simply to bestow knowledge but it is help the student seek more learning. A perfect blend of subject knowledge, experience and the art to teach the most complex topic in a very lucid way makes the faculty of Resonance, the best team under one roof.

The regular rise in results and the culture of continuous academic research and development are reflectors of the desire of Resonance academic team to excel not only for themselves but also for those who trust them. The statistics shown here are as per the date mentioned below.Believe in the Facts, Not just the Words..

  • Largest Pool of full time Faculty Members (Total :339)
  • Highest Number of IITians in Faculty Team (Overall:84)
  • Most Experienced Faculty Team: >10 Years: 69, 08-10 Years: 61, 5-7 Years: 69
  • Most Stable Faculty Team Cumulative Dropout Rate Since 2001 < 8.30%

Admission and Scholarship Test for Resonance


  1. The scholarships will be applicable for the academic session 2018-19
  2. The scholarship granted shall be applicable on Total Fee at the time of addmission. 50% of Scholarship shall be given in Class XII, subject to fulfillment of attendance and mark criteria as given in the Almanac.
  3. A student can avail only one type of Scholarship at a time/ in one academic session.
  4. To remain elligible for scholarship in class XII, his/ her attenmdence should be atleast 85% separately in XI & XII
  5. In case, the student fails to fulfill the criteria as mentioned above and if he/ she is not elligible to claim the scholarship.
  6. If a student receives any scholarship as mentioned above and if he/ she decides to leave the school. withdraw from the course/ frequent absenteeism before the completion of course at any stage , the school will have all the rights to recover the scholarship amount and any other financial expenses incurred from the students/ parents.
  7. Any scholarship is within discretionary power of school & is not matter of right for the student.
  8. We reserve the right to increase/ decrease/ remove scholarship categories mentioned above at any point of time & without explaining any reason. Decision of management of NPS shall be final in this regard.
  9. Direct admission for students, securing 80% marks and above in class X(Math & Science).

Resonance creates history nationally in JEE (Main) 2017


NPSites shine in JEE (Advanced) 2017 Examination


NPSites shine in NEET 2017


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