'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

Head Of School

Thinking is said to be one of the hardest sustainable efforts you can make, yet it is vital to creating a life and legacy you can be proud of. In this day and age, it is extremely important to engage your mind by reflection on the direction you want your life to take, keeping in view the changing needs of the education system.

At NPS International School, Guwahati, the model of education involves a refining of the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Aesthetic, Social and Ethical facets of our student’s personality. Our vision is to give them a global outlook but at the same time instil in them the love for our age-old Indian ethos and culture. The holistic education imparted here hopes to cultivate in children an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love for life-long learning.

A stagnant education system which provides uniform lessons in academics alone is outdated and constantly needs evolutionary changes. The challenge the educators face today is how to teach without destroying the uniqueness of the child. The role of teachers, therefore, is that of a facilitator and not a preacher or a taskmaster.

We have an unflinching commitment to academics and our results stand testimony to the same. We believe in following dynamic methodologies in the Teaching-Learning process. Our stress has always been on the development of imagination, exploration and the power to discover and apply, thereby developing in the students the power to understand the concepts rather than memorize them by rote learning.

Our students are exposed periodically, to regional, national, and international events and competitions. Besides the regular programmes that they participate in, we have Student Immersion/Exchange programmes from time to time which adds to their horizon. We have received a plethora of Awards in the last few years and we have been acknowledged as one of the noted institutions of not only the North East but also of the country.

We are completely committed to the ethos that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. While regular sports, swimming, games and yoga help to build in our students healthy, happy and supple bodies, we also follow a structured physical fitness programme in partnership with a reputed company called Edusports.

Music, dance, art, and poetry are the mediums used for refining the personality of our students and developing in them a taste for aesthetic arts. The students are exposed to maestros in these fields either through live shows or through films in the state-of-art audio-visual rooms. A plethora of Activities and Clubs add perfection to their life skills which are the demand of the day. Our aim is to empower our students with multi-dimensional and multi-faceted Education.

We strongly believe that any system of education founded on theories of academic perfection, which ignores value-oriented education, is more likely to hamper and impair intellectual growth than to produce a perfectly equipped individual. The educationist has to do, not with dead material like the artist or sculptor, but with an infinitely subtle and sensitive being. He cannot shape an educational masterpiece out of human wood or stone; he has to work in the elusive substance of human mind and shape a holistic personality.

The milestones that NPS has attained so far have been possible primarily because of the collective teamwork of all the stakeholders who work tirelessly round the clock to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Education system and their motto truly is, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

Probhati Biswas
M.A. , M.Ed.(Gold Medalist)