'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

24x7 Security

A safe and secure campus is imperative for an educational institution so that the students can gain the confidence to grow. The security is taken very seriously at NPS International School. The whole campus is safeguarded by high walls from all the sides. The front gate is the only entry point to the school premises. A team of six security personnel maintains strict vigil around the clock while a team of two security personnel keeps a 24x7 vigil on the gate on a rotation basis

The day-to-day and hourly movement of people, material, and vehicle are recorded in a register maintained at the entry point. This helps in identifying the people who enter the premises.

Apart from this hourly night patrolling duty is also carried out by security personnel. To enhance and support the security set-up the whole campus has been brought under surveillance through a network of approx 150 CCTV cameras.